The Global Calculator is a flexible tool that allows you to explore thousands of options to help you gain your own insights into the world's energy, land, food and climate systems. For example, you can look at how the world's energy supply could change from now to 2050, the role of people's lifestyles, and how these changes affect each other and the climate. You can also explore example pathways from many different organisations that show different possible trajectories for the word. The Global Calculator team hope that through using this single platform that can express a diverse range of opinions, the climate change debate will become more informed.

Prosperous living in a low-carbon world - insights from the Global Calculator

Prosperous living for the world in 2050 - insights from the Global Calculator.pdf

The Global Calculator - sector metrics from 2C pathways.pdf

This report uses four example pathways to show that it is possible for the world to continue to develop and for us to limit climate change to 2°C. However, for economic development to continue to improve people's lives without dangerous climate change, we must transform the technologies and fuels we use, and make smarter use of our limited land resources.

Please download our report for more information on what the world needs to achieve. You can also read the accompanying sector metrics document for more detailed numbers behind the report.

The report and the sector metrics document are available in a number of languages.


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